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We have been designing and building spaces of all kinds throughout Spain for more than 10 years.

Interior Design services by Oksana McCaskie

“Whether it be an individual object or the bringing together and blending of the overall picture the goal is to create an aesthetic feeling of joy to ones emotions and spirit “…

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

I always had a passion and interest to art in all its aesthetic beauty. From an early age of around ten I started to envisage my room in different styles and had a strong feeling about how it should look and just as importantly how it shouldn’t look!

In University I became aware I had an attraction to artistic visual stimuli all around and to artistic people in general. I developed a keen interest seeking out literature and finding examples of fine art and architecture in my local area.

My career as interior designer further developed when the family moved from Scotland to Spain which undertook the renovation and major design change of a seventeen year old traditional Spanish Villa.

Being new to Spain the language and culture certainly made for a quick learning experience and presented everyday challenges. I quickly started to get involved in the basic construction works, ordering of materials budget control of the various building contractors of different cultures and nationalities. During this period I also linked up with new friends one of which was a Interior designer. This relationship set me on a path of further education of the subject which ultimately saw me after a few years of in-depth study graduate with a degree in Interior Design from Nottingham Design Academy.

Having a Degree and coupled with my passion for interior design I undertook projects in Valencia, Barcelona, Nottingham and Klaipeda Lithuania. My work has involved both private and commercial projects. I have found that diversity in style is one of the key elements to a successful outcome.

I have been fortunate enough to have an extremely supportive family to allow me the freedom and financial support to follow my dreams.

Our services

Comfort & Interior will provide interior design to a full range of business customers from small projects in residential homes to complete reforms and also meeting the needs of new and established retailers and companies.

Inicial Planning Stage

The first meeting with your interior designer is the starting point for completing your project.


Set of Technical drawings including – Floor plan, Schematic drawing, elevation plans, Lighting plan, over all functionality of your space.

3D To Reality

When the project is confirmed we are offering arranged with our contractors or building company provided by client.

Our Suppliers

We are working directly with 300 Italian and Spanish furniture factories and decorative materials manufactories.

Our Clients

We have worked with renowned names. From hotels, offices and personal homes, we have worked with clients from all backgrounds.

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