Botanicus Barcelona

“Botanicus”cocktail bar in Barcelona- the interior design takes inspiration from nature and botanical elements, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for patrons. One of the standout features is the green wall decor and decorative panels, which have been carefully curated to create a natural effect.
These living walls not only enhance the aesthetics of the bar but also contribute to a healthier and more refreshing atmosphere.

In addition to the green walls, decorative panels are strategically placed throughout the space to further enhance the natural effect.
The lighting above the bar in the Botanicus cocktail bar has been specifically designed to highlight the bar area and create an inviting ambiance. Different lighting techniques may be employed, such as pendant lights with warm, soft illumination to enhance the overall mood. Spotlights may also be used to highlight specific areas of the bar counter, showcasing the impressive selection of spirits and ingredients.

The combination of the green wall decor, decorative panels, and carefully designed lighting creates a harmonious and immersive experience in the Botanicus cocktail bar. Patrons are surrounded by the beauty of nature, enhancing their enjoyment of the crafted cocktails and creating a memorable and unique atmosphere.